From Sundials to Smartwatches: The Evolution of Watchmaking and the Best German Watches Online

Watches have come a long way since the first sundials were used to tell time over 5,000 years ago. Over the centuries, the science and art of watchmaking have evolved in tandem with technology, fashion, and culture. 

Today, you can find a vast array of watches online, including some of the best German watches online. Let’s take a closer look at the history of watchmaking and how it has led to the incredible timepieces we enjoy today – as well as where to find the best German watches online.

Sundials and Water Clocks

The earliest timepieces were based on the movement of the sun and stars. Sundials were the first practical devices for telling time, and they were used in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Water clocks were also used in various cultures, relying on the flow of water to measure time.

Mechanical Clocks

The mechanical clock was invented in Europe during the 14th century. The first mechanical clocks were large and expensive, usually found in churches and public spaces. However, over time, smaller, portable clocks were developed, and by the 16th century, pocket watches had become fashionable accessories for wealthy men.

Quartz Watches

The first quartz watch was invented by Swiss watchmaker Beta-21 in 1969. Quartz watches rely on a small battery-powered quartz crystal to keep time. They are highly accurate and affordable, and they revolutionised the watch industry. However, some traditional watchmakers felt that quartz watches lacked the craftsmanship and elegance of mechanical watches.


The latest evolution in watchmaking is the smartwatch. These devices incorporate digital technology, including fitness tracking, messaging, and even phone calls, in addition to traditional timekeeping. While some watch enthusiasts view smartwatches as a threat to traditional timepieces, others see them as an exciting new category in the world of watches.

What does watchmaking mean?

At Fine Watches Berlin, we believe that watchmaking is an art form. It’s the process of creating something beautiful and functional, using the highest-quality materials and the most skilled techniques. It’s a craft that has been honed over centuries, and one that we take great pride in continuing today.

How many years does it take to become a watchmaker?

Becoming a skilled watchmaker takes years of training and practice. At Fine Watches Berlin, our team of experts has undergone extensive training and apprenticeships to become the best in their field. We believe that this dedication to excellence is reflected in every timepiece we create.

What were watches originally made for?

Watches were originally created as a way to tell time, but they quickly evolved into much more than that. They became status symbols, symbols of luxury, and even works of art. Today, watches are still worn for many of the same reasons – as a way to express personal style and taste, and as a way to demonstrate success and achievement.

When did men start wearing watches?

Men started wearing watches in the early 20th century, as pocket watches began to give way to wristwatches. This shift was largely driven by soldiers in World War I, who found it more practical to wear watches on their wrists than to carry pocket watches.

Who wore the first wristwatch?

The first wristwatch is generally credited to a woman named Caroline Murat, who was the Queen of Naples in the early 19th century. However, wristwatches didn’t become popular for men until much later, as mentioned above.

Why do men still wear watches?

Despite the prevalence of smartphones and other devices that can tell time, many men still choose to wear watches. This is often because watches are seen as a symbol of style, taste, and sophistication. A high-quality watch can also be an investment piece that retains its value over time.


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